Tips on Choosing A Quality Gun Safe


In the U.K., there are over 4,000,000 homes that are broken into every year. During these burglaries, these thieves do not only take your money but they also take things that can easily be sold in the streets like guns. If you are a gun collector, your guns mean a lot more to you than money so you need to find a way to protect them if you the time comes and you become a victim of these burglaries. Today, there are many gun safe manufacturers who claim that their products are the best in the market. This makes shopping for a gun safe more difficult because all these claims will get you confused as to which safe is the best for you. To give you an idea, the three general things to consider when choosing a quality safe are time, knowledge and tools.


If the burglar has unlimited time, every safe can be broken into. You may also want to consider that thieves nowadays prefer to take the whole safe with them to give them enough time to break in. That being said, gun safes should be bolted to a concrete floor to prevent thieves from taking it with them. Most gun safes available today come equipped with the necessary hardware needed to get this job done. If you are shopping for a gun safe, make sure it comes with this hardware. In addition to this, there are home alarm systems that come with gun safe to protect designed to protect it. If you have an alarm installed on your gun safe, chances are the thief will panic and will be pressured to leave your house before anyone hears it.


If your house is located in an isolated area, you must be aware that thieves have been using heavy tools to open safes. It has been reported that sledgehammers were used to break the welds of a safe. It is important to choose a safe that do not have polished or welded joints to serve as a possible entry point to thieves. Power chisels, saw, grills and grinders are also used to open the walls of many gun safes. However, using these tools will create loud noises that people who live nearby can hear and be suspicious of. The trick is not to isolate your safe and make sure that someone will hear when its being broken into. Thieves may also use torches to burn the sides and back of your safe, so make sure to buy a fire resistant one.


There are experienced and professional safe crackers around and if you were targeted by one, there’s nothing you can do. The chances of this happening, however, are close to zero. Almost 90% of break ins are done by amateurs or even teenagers looking for some easy cash. If you have your gun safe bolted to the floor, chances are these thieves wouldn’t even consider touching it and go for the easy stuff like TV’s and easy to grab appliance.