Things You Need To Know About Messenger Bags


unisex messengersNowadays, messenger bags are gaining popularity not only among women but also with men. Using messenger bags is great to use everyday to make your load lighter. There are many ways that a messenger bag can be advantageous to its user whether they are male, female, young and old. Because of their popularity, there are many different kinds and styles of messenger bags available in the market today. The wide range of styles may overwhelm you and that is why this article will give you some useful information and all you need to know about these messenger bags and why you too will love them.

What is a Messenger Bag?

Messenger bags got its name from the bags that bike messengers used to carry around to perform their daily tasks. These bags are made especially for these bike messengers to hold the letters that they deliver around the metro. These bags feature a shoulder strap that lets you wear it around your body like a true messenger that you see in the streets. You can choose to let the bag hang at your side or down your back. Messenger bags are usually rectangular in shape and can hold documents as big as magazines and courier envelopes.  The closure of these types of bags is typically a front flap that has a buckle, Velcro or magnet that enables you to close it. Because they were meant for bike messengers, these bags may also have reflectors or reflective strips attached to them.

Messenger bags can be made with different types of materials depending on what you need to put inside them. The most popular ones feature bodies with waterproof material like pvc or nylon. This can be useful if you are planning to carry food around or anything that may cause the bag to get wet. Other messenger bags are made from a cotton canvas that is similar to military bags. If you look hard enough, you may find messenger bags made with leather, silk or velvet materials. If you are planning to use the bag while cycling, these materials are not recommended but if you are wearing it for fashion’s sake, these will do well.

Why are Messenger Bags so Popular?

Messenger bags are now becoming a fashion trend among teens and adults. The reason behind this is the trendy and casual appeal that it projects. Much like band shirts and denims, they look even better the more you use them. Most messenger bags last for years and the older it gets, the cooler it looks. You can also place a good amount of pins, stickers or patches in front of your bag to customize it and make it fit your personality. To teens and hip adults, this is what makes messenger bags appealing because your bag will never have a duplicate copy. Last but certainly not the least, these bag has room to hold everything that you need to bring to your school, office or to a friend’s house for a party.